Fucked up

I spent the past 3 hours reading about Olivia Penpraze, Amanda Todd and Jessica Laney. And I just felt this extreme sadness and suddenly I felt tired and that’s because I am. I am tired of people thinking they can run around hurting everyone not just physically but also verbally. Thinking they can get away with anything ,and in this 3 girl’s case, with murder.  Now a days it’s so easy for anyone to post something online and not face the consequences. They can just go anon and there’s absolutely no way you can track them down. I really don’t care if you think they had it coming, or if they deserved it. No one should be driven to the edge, to the point where life is so painful, such a living hell that the only way out it to die. Death should come in due time and in time that God intends to, not by when bullies think it should happen.

In the Amanda case, She didn’t have it coming, she didn’t deserve to die. She took the wrong path made all the wrong choices, but then again many, if not all, of us have made mistakes repeatedly so we can’t judge anyone’s life. Yeah she sent nudes not to one, but to several guys, yeah she slept with someone else’s boyfriend are those offences enough to be driven to the point of not wanting to exist anymore? And then I see all this “joke” posts of people pretending to drink bleach or making memes of Amanda. I mean, if you agree that she should’ve died fine it’s your opinion and everyone is entitled to one but regardless she is DEAD show some respect, if not for her at least for her family and friends so the memory they have of her doesn’t get even more stained with your hate.

And last If you are dealing with sucidal thoughts, depression, cutting, etc. please, PLEASE speak out! If not to your parents to a friend, a teacher, someone, anyone who you think will listen. And if you turn out ot be that someone who has a friend that is dealing with this type of things don’t keep it to yourself,  don’t think “Oh , she/he  is not capable of suicide. she/he is so strong and laughing all the time” People pretend just like Olivia did, they put masks on to avoid living with the constant pain. And if you are reading this and you are thinking that life is not worth living PLEASE think again. Life is filled with so many wonderful things and experiences you are just beginning and life gets SO much better. So just hold on please, try and enjoy the ride if you get dizzy we can slow it down, change the pace but we will never stop it. Life is worth living, and even if you don’t know it, even if you don’t feel it YOU ARE LOVED.